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May 2007
Letter from Rob

Dear friends and fans of the Hooters —

After locking ourselves in several recording studios over the last 8 months or so, we are excited and happy to announce that a new album is finally finished. It's been more than ten years since we released some new music, but who's counting? (certainly not us!), and this one feels very close and personal to us in a number of ways. To be in a band like this for over 25 years has been a most unique and fortunate experience, and we remain as inspired as ever to get the best music we can into your hands - and ears. It's truly been a great ride so far, and there's definitely more to come. Though we've been somewhat absent from the live stage, you - the fans - have not been absent from our hearts and minds, and your energy and support is what keeps us going. We hope you stay with us for this next adventure, and join us as we finally come back out into the sunlight. We thrive on that connection.

We've always felt our fans to be incredibly loyal, enthusiastic, and especially patient. This has been a long time coming, germinating on the road, as we've toured the last few summers and gathered raw material in the writing process. This time around, we've really tried to combine the energy of the live show with the thrill of experimentation in the recording studio. Of course, in the end, it will be up to you to see what you think, and we truly hope you get out of the music what we've all put into it. Special thanks to our engineer, John O. Senior, for hanging with us long and late into the night, trying to get it right. Also, thanks to Steve Mountain and everyone at Cornerstone Management for their guidance and assistance all these years, and of course, our road crew through all the miles we've traveled together. There's no show without them behind the scenes.

We're back to Europe this summer for Tour 2007, and hopefully shows in the States will follow after that. This is a new chapter for us, thanks for your incredible support, and we hope to see you on the road soon.

And by the way, the new album is called Time Stand Still — remarkably, in many ways, it has...

Love you all, and turn it up! — Rob, Eric, Dave, John and Fran


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