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July 2009
Welcome note from The Hooters

Welcome, friends and fans of The Hooters, to our newly redesigned web site! We've tried to incorporate many ideas from many sources while providing more music, more videos, and more information. Our team of webmasters has worked tirelessly to this end, and we hope you like the results.

Let us know what you think! We'll also try and keep you updated on our whereabouts and latest musical adventures, together and separately. There's a lot going on...

This has been an exciting time for the band, and while our live touring schedule is more selective this year, we have been actively writing again and plan to have new music out sometime in 2010. Our album Time Stand Still, released in 2007, and our new double-album Both Sides Live are the latest chapters in a long but always interesting and unpredictable ride, starting in small clubs in Philadelphia, to foreign stages we only dreamed of when we started. Hooterization became a way of life for us!

Stay tuned for whatever comes our way next, and thanks as always for the enthusiastic and heartfelt support you've given to all of us over the years. We'll never take that for granted.

Rock and roll forever...!

Rob, Eric, Dave, John and Fran — The Hooters.


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