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February 2008
The Hooters' new studio album Time Stand Still is released

The songwriting started years ago, and some preliminary recording was done along the way, but in early October 2006, the process of recording the new album started getting more serious. The Hooters gathered at Elm Street Studios for several weeks of recording basic tracks, followed by months of additional recording and refining the songs at Elm Street and at Eric's Red Door Recording.

The final mixes, mastering and artwork were completed in May 2007 and the album first appeared in Germany in late June, and was initially sold only at shows during the 2007 summer tour in Europe. Those attending the two Thanksgiving 2007 concerts in Philadelphia also received advance copies.

The album is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Neo and in the USA by Megaforce/MRI Associated Labels. Release in other territories will follow.

To read some of Eric's thoughts about the album process, browse to Frivolities>Eric's Diary on and check the entry for 8 May 2007.

Time Stand Still
Produced by Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman
Engineered by John O. Senior

  1. I'm Alive*
  2. Time Stand Still*
  3. The Boys Of Summer*
  4. Until I Find You Again*
  5. Until You Dare

    *Hear these on MySpace
  1. Morning Buzz
  2. Where The Wind May Blow
  3. Catch Of The Day
  4. Ordinary Lives
  5. Free Again
  6. White Jeans (Bonus Track)

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