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The Hooters with Daylin Leach
State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA
“Cap’n” Dave
rafting in "backstage" glacial lake
at Festival Brienz, Switzerland

March 2014
Our “33 and 1/3rd” Year In Review – Long Players!

Dear “Hooterized” Fans,

2013 was another year of memorable highlights for the group, as we celebrated “33 and 1/3rd” years together, with a nod to the long-playing vinyl albums that inspired all of us to form a rock and roll band. Needless to say, the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival on our shores in 1964 was a big influence on our musical path, onstage and off.

For The Hooters, it all started at a small club called Mattie’s Place in Levittown, PA, in June 1980, followed by many more raucous nights at Vernon’s, right up the road. (A little trivia – we played “All You Zombies” and “Fightin’ On The Same Side” at our debut gig. And they’re still in the set list!). Fast forward to today, and although touring was limited in 2013 as we all pursued various musical projects in and out of the studio, the shows we did play were some of the most rewarding in our career.

We kicked off the year with another loud rock and roll show at the venerable Electric Factory in April, with some great support from local friends Good Old War to open the festivities. For that show and a few that followed, we dug into the “Amore” songbook, as well as some rarely played stuff from “Nervous Night” – it was a blast to revisit the “Birdman”, and the “Car” you shouldn’t take out tonight.

The following week, on April 30th, 2013, State Senator Daylin Leach honored us with a special proclamation for “Hooters Music Appreciation Day.” He gave us a tour of the State Capitol building in Harrisburg (well recommended if you haven’t see this beautiful and historic building) and we played an impromptu acoustic set in the East Rotunda as lunchtime entertainment. It was great fun, a wonderful honor, and thanks again to Daylin, a truly Hooterized guy! We’re fans of yours as well.

That led to another round of summer tours overseas, with shows in Germany, Switzerland, and Norway. The concerts were the usual mix of headlining shows on our own and festival co-bills with classic rockers such as Manfred Mann – all good! As here, the fans “across the pond” have been incredibly supportive of our gigs, and that makes the crazy, long bus rides and wild flights all worth it. Highlights included a journey all the way up in Lakselv, Norway, to play the most Northern festival in the world, truly the Land of the Midnight Sun. And we won’t forget the hand-made fire-pit teepees as our dressing rooms! We also returned to the amazingly scenic Brienz, Switzerland for their annual summer fest, complete with paragliders, glacial lake swimming, and dramatic waterfalls as a backdrop.

And as always, the German shows, all over the West and former East, were “fantastisch”, and a big “Danke Schoen” to our promoting team in Hamburg (Patrik, Sandra, and Holger) as well as the local promoters in all of the venues. It was a blast!

Back home, in September we played the Grand Re-opening weekend of the Ardmore Music Hall, formerly known as 23 East, where we spent many a night jamming in our early years. We decided to make it a full evening show with two full sets, and dug deep into The Hooters’ songbook for some of the more obscure tunes, as well as playing “Amore” in its entirety. Fun gig and special thanks to the fans at that one in particular for their long-time support at this venue.

We ended the year with another offstage highlight, as we helped kick off a special photo display by long-time local rock photographer Scott Weiner, featuring a variety of celebrities welcoming travelers to Philadelphia. (Over a number of years, Scott asked many travelers through our area to hold up a hand-written sign reading “I’m In Philly”.) We were special guests at the Philadelphia Airport opening of the photo show, along with former Governor Ed Rendell among others. Thanks Scott for including us - great exhibit of Philly Pride!

And now it’s on to the next round – another road trip to Germany in April/May (with a detour to Austria), a Festival near Berlin in June, and some Stateside shows in the works as well for the Summer and Fall. We look forward to “Live 2014”…and seeing some of you at the upcoming gigs that really feel more like celebrations to us these days. We’re so thankful to still be doing this for all these years, and truly appreciate every moment out there.

Of course, we couldn’t do it without our trusted and hard-working production crew, and you – our loyal fans and friends. Special thanks for supporting live music! We all need to do this now more than ever, for all the hard-working musicians young and old.

Hope to see you at one of the shows…

Rob, Eric, Dave, John, Fran, and Tommy.


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